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Our laser cutting services gives you the ability to create custom parts. Laser cutting also allows you to realize intricate designs that are too complex for creating by hand.

We can laser cut almost anything you can draw, including sharp angles, smooth curves, small screw holes, and complex lace designs, and we can also laser engrave text and logos on to your parts.

hydraulic guillotine shear
As part of our integration process, we have cut to size with shears service. In which we can process plates from thin 3/4" thick gauge, and different lengths up to 20 ft. According to requirement.

We have a wide variety of modern equipment of this type in which we can process up to 8 ft. wide by 3/4 "thick with maximum roll weights up to 30 tons.

There is also the ability to process high strength materials up to 150 lbs.

bending press brake

To cover the need for the precision market of formed pieces, we have CNC presses of up to 10 axes, which make us more efficient in achieving of the different needs of our customers.


We have equipment for cutting tapes which allow us to deliver results with closed tolerance margins, critical issue today, to fulfill the quality standards demanded by our customers. Our capabilities range from 16 gauge to 3/16" carbon steel in coil weights up to 20 tons.

laser cut

First equipment in Mexico of these dimensions, which is reflected in better use of the material and therefore cost reduction.

Complementing this with one of the most sophisticated in the nesting and use of materials.

plasma cutter

Our equipment counts on a very sophisticated software that allows us to adjust to different industries.

Our capabilities pantograph cutting ranging from 20 gauge to 2 "in plasma and 1/4" to 8 "in flame cutting with up to 4 synchronized torches.

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